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Hey this is my first time on a forum HI.

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Have a 11 F150 with a 3.5 ecoboost and crawled under it for the first time to change oil and filter which I have done all my adult life on every vehicle Ive owned. Couldn't find the filter. I know someone knows where it is. Don't really want to start a relationship with the dealer over an oil change. HELP
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Welcome to the forum!

Another Forum said:
For the oil filter go to the driver side front fiber panel there is 4 or 5 white quarter twist fasteners twist them and you will then have access to the filter you will see the black oil slide that ford built for the oil to drain from filter removal.

Now for the pan go to the passenger side right behind the front tire and you will again see quarter turn twist fasteners on the rear fiber panels remove them and you will have access to the drain plug.
Hope that helps!

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