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Hi all im new to forum been ford man all my life especially f150 fan. I have a heating qustion

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Im on my 3rd f150 and its 03 f150 extra cab fx4. well my qustion is it sat for awhile and when i was first able to start driveing it agian was begin of this summer and I noticed when I tryed to turn on my ac and set the pressure like to medum or high it didnt work almost as if the blower wouldnt turn on. well since its gotten colder it was same with my heat. If i turn on defroster i get very little heat leaking out almost like the dial on dash is on low. I checked the fuses in fuse box in the cab and they were ok. Ive done little asking around and it seems to common answer is blower mottor relay. my main qustion is dose it sound like relay? and if so where would i check to find relay on the truck?
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