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Hi from a new chick!

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Hey everyone!

I'm in Marquette, Michigan where I learned all about wheeling and trucks. I have a '96 F150 I6 and it's my first truck. All my mechanically inclined friends aren't as interested in working on my Ford because they prefer Jeeps and Chevys (jerks). I figure it is time I take matters into my own hands and try to figure out my truck on my own. I'm here hoping to learn more about my truck so that I don't have to depend on other people to fix it for me.

=] Katie
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Welcome aboard, Katie! Plenty of help here from fellow F-150 owners! As for those who bash our Fords (like my wife who drives a Jeep Wrangler and my son who owns a Firebird) they already know, they spend more wrench time on their vehicles than we do!

For the record, my daughter drives a Mustang and has had no issues with her car that's sporting better than 116k miles! ;)

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