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:) Hi from Thunder Bay, On. I just sold my 1999 F-150 4x4 that I had installed a 03 Lightning motor into and purchased a 2011 FX4 (non leather) and it came with what they claim is a premium stereo (not a Sony) and, well, it is pretty crappy. In this day and age and what we pay for these trucks you would think that a crappy radio would no longer exist. But, it does. What would be a good remedy as I guess I have to go to the aftermarket. Any suggestions out there yet? thanks...Karl:D
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Welcome Karl! My 2009 also had the premium sound system that sounded a lot like it was filtered through a dirty T-shirt and that was pretty easy to fix with new speakers at all four corners! Sony Xplod speakers and it sounded great once they were 'broken in' to the head unit.
:) thanks, I will look into this. Sounds to simple but sometimes something simple works out great. Will post what I do. thanks...Karl:cool:
Welcome to the forum!!!
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