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How do I wire up a push button start and killswitch? PLEASE HELP

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Alright so a month or so back I lost the keys to my truck in another state along with a set of my car keys. and the wheel is stuck in lock and i have tried drilling out the cylinder and retaining pin to just put in a new ignition cylinder and I am tired of fighting with it, so now I wanna know how I can bypass it with a push button start and a killswitch and I was hoping somebody would have a tip on how to break the steering lock because when I went to pull the steering wheel i discovered the previous owner snapped a bolt off in my steering wheel and I have tried everything to get it out and results are unsuccessful. So please help me I am about ready to rip my hair out and I need it in two weeks to move.
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your hair won't grow back in 2 weeks so don't pull it out. might be cheaper to find a replacement at a wrecking yard as it sounds like to much damage has been done.
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