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The two most popular ways to post pictures is by using a photo hosting service (i.e. Photobucket) or by using the Manage Attachments button below.

To use a hosted photo site you will upload the pictures from your computer to their site (many are free for a limited amount of storage and then charge a nominal fee for unlimited storage) and then use a link to that picture.

For example, on Photobucket you click on the Image Code for the picture you want. For my St Louis at night picture I click where it is highlighted in blue.

and then paste that link here and it will look a lot (not exactly) like this...[IMG]

I did break the link just to demonstrate what the link will look like.

the picture will then look like this once you post your thread.


If you choose to just use a picture from your computer then use the Manage Attachments button below the Message window when you post a new thread or have clicked on the Post Reply button. You will not have this option in the Post Quick Reply unless you click the Go Advanced button below that window.

Your picture will then look like the one below.

Hope that helps!



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