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ignition problems, please help

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hey everyone! im new here, just started today. so lets get to it, i was working on my 1985 fi50 explorer today and the previous owner put offroad lights on i was pulling out all the wiring and rats nests for them, and when i was done i decided to fire it up...power to all accesories, windows/locks/lights/dash indicators/stereo, but the starter doesnt turn over. is this easy to fix? and i have a push button, would it be easier to wire the push button to the starter? and one more thing, if i wire the pushbutton direct to the starter (so it cranks when there is no key) will it turn off when the key is turned back? ill mention im new to automotive mechanical work, but i think with the proper guidance i can figure it out. is there anyone here who has any experience and may be able to answer this plethera of questions im bombarding you with? thanks alot.
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See the other thread...

there is a solenoid mounted on the inside of the rf fender in the engine compartment. very easy acces guys usally start them up with a screw driver
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