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Imagine this, other newb

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Yep, yet another new newb... Wanting to say hi, maybe I can get further along with this forum than others I've seen. As for my ride, I don't have any pic's to post, but it's mostly factory.. 2003 F-150 Lariat Supercrew with 5.4 and factory towing pkg. It has its factory wheels, but the chrome is starting to peel in some areas, was like this when I got the truck used, I've had it for a lil over a year, overall it's been a nice truck, couple of things here and there that have gotten under my skin, but can't expect everything to last forever.. It's currently got almost 160k on the odo... Anyway, as I've said, wanting to check in and say hello. :cool:
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Welcome from another Lariat Super Crew owner!

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