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A couple of months ago a deer came from nowhere and hit me under the left headlight. Assessing the damage I bought a new headlight. Upon closer examination, I noted the stabilizer brackets that steady the hood, broken along with alot of cracks in the frontal trim. In summary there was in excess of CAD$4000 damage.
I noticed a "pool" of what appeared to be a clear oily substance under the truck.When my truck was serviced, the dealer explained the coolant was leaking from the upper rad hose and Y fitting.
Does anyone have a link to a picture of this part and where it is located, F150 2013?

Could this have been damage from the deer on impact? At the time of impact, I was accelerating and travelling about 40 km/hr. I looked in my side mirror and noticed the deer was still moving. A search found nothing, so it probably crawled under something. The impact made quite a loud bang.

If the damage to the coolant piping was as a direct result from the impact, I'll ad d it to my claim.
The dealer said, Leaks occur here all the time. IS THIS A TRUE STATEMENT?
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