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lift spindles

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i have a 1992 f150 2wd and i cant seem to find a 2"lift spindle for my truck. do they even make them? i would imagine so, thanks
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The biggest issue about lifting a 92 Ford is the I-Beam suspension. There are lift kits available but simply adding a spindle lift would throw it all out of whack causing a lot of issues.

i see what your saying, and thats why i just want to do a spindle lift, because it only affects the disc brakes and rim, everything else is stock.
i am not familiar with fords, i work on old chevys
im just wanting to do 2" coil spring spacer, and a 2" spindle lift, the rear ill use blocks cause i already have 2"of lift on the rear from helper springs
old thread but ill post anyway..
alignment cams and 4in + spring should get what you want
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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