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New member as of today and was so happy to find that there's something out there like this! Here goes, I have 1990 short bed 4.9 ltr 6 inline. I love my truck. Will never get rid of it. Read lots from this forum, but not quite sure what's up w/mine. If fuel pump is going, will it normally start up in a day or 2 and run for a while b4 not starting again? Read about checking FPDM and fuel shut off switch. These are things I can attempt. But what's something that can be checked to be certain it is in fact the fuel pump b4 spending lots of money to be sure?
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Pumps are normally a working or not working part. What you are describing, while it still sounds like fuel delivery, sounds more like it could be an issue with the MAF sensor. That model is fuel injected, right?

The fuel pump should operate when you first turn the key on and if you cannot hear it then it will be a pump issue.
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