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Motor Stumbles 2012 Ecoboost

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When I press the gas pedal (To the Floor) to pass a car the motor stumbles and the hole truck shakes. This does not happen every time. Had the engine light come on one time and stopped by the Ford Dealer and they could not make it act up but said the #6 cylinder wasn't firing at the time the light came on.
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Wow, that sounds serious. I'm considering buying a 2013 FX4 with the Ecoboost. When it's not having this problem, how does it perform?
i just bought a 2012 ecoboost and so far really great - getting 19.5 mpg on commute with no symptoms like z520 is having.
Time for the dealer to change the CAC , that will cure the problem.
Am having issues with my new ecoboost. Under a load and using light acceleration just to the point of the converter unlocking, I have a noticable miss. If I accelerate harder. it stops. Its at the dealership now.
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