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My head/tail lights

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I have some Ebay head/tail lights. The headlights are smoked halo's w/ leds and I added some 6k hids to them. My tails are hella smoked leds with a smoke 3rd brake light. In the pic when I ordered tails they were red with a slight smoke to them but came in almost black with a slight red to them. Oh well. I love my head/3rd brake lights.
Just thought I'd post in here since no one else has.

sorry for the big pics....
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Sharp looking lights! If you don't mind, what did they cost you?
Thanks Mac. I'm not exactly sure I remember but I think the headlights were bout $200 and the tails $130 I think. I know not everyone's cup of tea but I'm good with mine.
They look quite sharp against the silver paint. I was just wondering of they would look equally sharp on my white truck.
Not to be biased but I think they would, but that's just my taste. I cant ever leave stock alone.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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