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New. Checking in.

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2004 F150 4x4 Supercab 6-1/2' bed. The technology absolutely blows my mind from the older days of P/U's. The low range, positraction 4x4, operated with a dash board switch? Wow. Turning radius, handling, straight tracking, load capacity, size and feel. Outstanding truck. Bought it 2yrs ago with 90,000mi. Put LT Tires on it in order to up the tire pressure to 85lbs in order to pull the new Ultra-light 30ft travel trailer better. Small 4.6L V8 handles the 700lbs tongue weight and 7,000lbs trailer adequately. Tracks clean and comfortably with an equalizer hitch.

Very Happy... but would be even happier with Mama's approval of a brand new Ecoboost. Oh yeah.
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Welcome aboard! I have almost the same truck as you with the main exception the 5.4L which has tons more power than I need for now!

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