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This is my first post.
I am planning on purchasing a new or certified used truck 2015 or newer with the Snow Plow Prep package.
1. How does the F150 handle the personal plowing? My 2002 F150 has front end issues each spring.
2. I saw the Plow Prep on some 2015 models with the 3.31 Rear Axle ratio (the 3.31 gets the best gas mileage) Does anyone know why they do not offer the newer trucks with the 3.31 rear axle ratio? Is it because of problems? or sluggish performance. I like more MPGs.
3. Does anyone have experience with the Snow Bear plows and mounts with their F150?
4. Is the SNOW PLOW PREP PACKAGE different on the 2015s versus the 2017 F150s
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