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New F150 King Ranch owner

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:cool: I just picked up my new 2012 King Ranch in Golden Bronze. Man, I had no idea they made trucks this nice. This interior goes very well with this color truck. I never had a new vehicle before. I just thought that new vehicles cost too much. That might be true but I see now why folks buy new. The Eco-Boost is sweet. I had expected better gas mileage. Seems I am getting 13 around town.
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You know, if there are no pictures then it never happened!

Seriously, congrats on the new truck and welcome to the forum!

Pic of the newSCrew

Here is a pic of my new SCrew. Like I said, lovig this truck.
Thanks for the reply,


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Pretty truck!

Update on New King Ranch F150 owner

I just wanted to reply to my own post with an update on gas mileage. I said I was getting 13 MPG. Well now I just got back from a trip to NC from PA and I have just turned 2000 miles on the truck. Around town I am getting 15 to 16mpg. On my trip to NC I averaged 22mpg. I guess that is what they promised. I was traveling around 70 to 75mph on the route 81. This truck just rolls along smooth.

nice truck! and good MPG. is it a 4x2 or 4x4 and what gears do you have in it?
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