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New Ford and first-time pick-up owners

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Hello. We just purchased our 2012 F150 Super Crew XLT. Our SUV was hit while parked in front of our house. The truck that hit it was a 2011 model of the same truck. Our rental replacement was a Sierra. We loved the versatility, but it did not drive too well.
There was an "employee pricing" promotion on at our local Ford dealer. We went in and test drove an F150 and it was miles better. We talked to a salesman and got a great price on our truck.
We have just 385km (Canada) so far, and are loving it.
We have an Extang Trifecta installed, along with step rails and HD mud flaps.
First mod will be a Speedliner spray in liner.
I look forward to lots of valuable information and sharing.
Glad to be here.
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Welcome from the Midwest! Glad you like the new truck! All we need now are pictures!

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