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New from CT

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I just want to say hello and introduce myself. I've been lurking around getting educated. I have owned a bunch of Ford products and trucks, and decided about two years ago that my "forever truck" would be a 9th Generation. After making at least 100 U-Turns :eek: going back to check out trucks I saw for sale along the way, I finally found what I wanted. I found a very clean '92 F150 XLT 4x2, with 5.0 Engine, and E4OD tranny. It's a Supercab, short bed, with captains seats, and a cap. While the cap is very practical, it may go since it looks a lot better without it. But, having had several trucks, with roll-up (both power and manual), flip, hard cover, etc., I have typically ended up with a cap due to the fact I use the truck to move luggage etc. when we go south in the fall and winter. Too bad the caps are so heavy and bulky, or I'd be changing on a regular basis. Oh well, nothing is perfect! Anyways, I'm looking forward to spending some time here, though I'm typically a pretty busy guy. I live in North East CT in the summer, and try spending a lot of the winter where it's warm.:D

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Oops, forgot to say that the truck has just 74,500 miles. Figured someone would want to know!
Welcome aboard! Gorgeous truck and it does look well cared for! Good find.

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