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new guy

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hey ya all if you ever need any help let me know i know my way around a ford pretty good
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Welcome from So. Illinois!

I am a senior 76 yrs old and need help!First I took my 2001 150 4x4 5.4 to a muffler shop because I heard a slight pinging under the hood and they said I have a exhaust bolt leakingf[rusted] and need a replacement he said that it is a common ford problem and that it would cost 700 dollar one side and both sides would be around 1500 dollars.I loked wen I got it home and found also that my power steering was low so I added P.S. fluid and fiilled it all the way to the top , took a 30 mile trip and discovered that I had fluid leaking all over the bottom of the truck,did I cause that by overfillinf it?I also cannot find only the resivour ,where is the pump itself and how do I do it?I am on S.S.[ WHAT A JOKE] AND am living really tough I have only 38,600 total miles.Wont someone please help me please.I am from MEADVILLE,PA 16433 ZIP E-MAIL [email protected] Please contact me via my e mail also.I tried searching the forums and cannot find any in regards to my dilemma ANY help would sure be appreciated,I sure cannot afford the exhaust cost.maxhoss aka Jack
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