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new guy

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hello all
it's nice to be here with fellow ford truck enthusiast,my baby is a 1995 ford f-150 centurion conversion,it's a 4x4 auto with a needs some minor stuff done to it mainly the paint,the clear coat is starting to peel off.i drive a tractor trailer m-f and work weekends as a pilot for an aircraft broker.i'm married with three kids 2 boys and a girl.all 3 of them want my truck so i'm gonna try to get some time to really start restoring's been a great has about 160,000 on it and all i've done was replaced the alternator a couple of years ago,outside of it's regular oil changes and tune ups.if anybody has a link or more info on the centurions i would really appreciate seeing it.well take care and talk to you all later.
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Welcome aboard! We need pics of that Centurion!


i'll post some just as soon as i figure out how.take care
Here, try this...

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