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Hey group, this is my first post so I hope I do it correctly. A year ago I bought my first Ford truck a 1996 F-150 XLT extended cab/short bed, 4x4. My daughter LOVES it... But, last week after they changed some of my medications, I was going to get some lunch, my blood sugar dropped to 56, I blacked out, drove off the road, and hit an island in a parking lot dead center on the front differential, and then stopped by hitting a wall. I woke up to EMS and Police asking if I was ok? Which, apparently I wasn't considering I had no recollection of any of it. Upon seeing my truck and considering what it had been through, it really didn't look that bad! Well at least until my body man put it on his rack and found the frame was buckled. I'm in the middle of a quandary at this point. It's a beautiful truck, has new lift, tires, wheels, suspension, stereo, alarm, clean interior, tool box, on and on. Would anyone have an idea where I could get a 4x4 frame, and if so, would it even be worth swapping out?
I would GREATLY appreciate any help in this matter.


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