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New to the f150 Forum

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Hello to everyone from Colorado.
This looks to be a great site & I have already learned a great deal from other members.
I have had 4x4 since my first Ford Bronco in 1971. My wife & I belonged to a Four Wheel Drive Club & it was great fun. I've also owned several 4x4 Trucks. In Colorado it it rare to see any 2-wheel drive trucks or S.U.V's. They are not practical for off-road in the mountains.
I traded in my 2007 FX4, with 33636 miles on it & purchased a 2012 FX4.
505A, Luxury package, premium package, the works.
thank you.
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Welcome aboard, Richard! Having grown up near the Sierra-Nevada's I know what you mean about having a 4WD in the stable. I'm a hunter and fisherman and also end up camping out to enjoy those activities and more often that not we need to have the 4WD system to get there.
welcome to the forum
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