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Whats up folks! The name is Brent. I am from a little town outside of San Antonio Texas. I currently have 2 fords in my name! Hoping to make it three very shortly. My first ford I bought 5 years with my dad. It was my first truck ever and my dad and I spent 2 years just getting her running again. It a 1988 F-150 single cab short wheel base. 302 v8 and 4x4. She was my daily drive for years but getting 8 miles to the gallon drained my bank accounts pretty quick. I had to park her and get something with better millage. So i went out and bought an 05 F-150 super cab regular wheel base. 5.4 v8 but it is a two wheel drive. My next ford that is in the works right now is a 95 F-350 with the 7.3 in it. 4x4 four door long wheel base. One of those trucks that is about as long as a limo. I will put some pictures of my trucks up pretty soon. I look forward to being part of the conversation!!
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Welcome, Brent, from So. Illinois!

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