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newbie,here and to ford

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Just wanted to say hi and give a lil info..I;m new here and new to ford trucks,as I have been a chevy guy for a long time,not sayn I'm old now but lol I seen to by converting if you will.. I'm in the process of buying a 1999 f150 super cab 4x4 V8.with 130000 mileson it.wondering what your opinion was on this truck..I cant believe the good shape its in..been living here in upstate NY last 7 years and have noticed that the chevys in this area seem to rust up bad and the fords don't WTF :eek:. this is a chevy guy seeing with my own eyes a big way around it I'm getting the truck,the haters can deal with it lol :D
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welcome to the forum
Welcome aboard Rick! As you now know, Fords, despite what the naysayers do say, are built better than Chevy, Dodge or those other 'full size' trucks!

You won't regret your choice!


what just blows my mind is that ppl are selling the chevys like a 1999,rust holes galore,150000 + miles and and wanting 5 and 6 grand for it :eek:,HELLO it aint gold dude lol but dont seem to understand y its still sitting there :confused: lmao :D
Too bad for them the Chevy doesn't have the resale value of a Ford!

looked at a 2000 f150 extended cab today,going back tomorrow to drive it..It's not beat up,not rusted..does have 182552 miles on it but seems to run nice and going to drive it..miles shouldn't matter if taken care of and looks to be..its like a 2-3 tone blue all over with red pin stripe and alum. cap..stripe is thin,might change if I has 5.4 triton in it.that is a big truck holy [email protected]%^* lol
welcome to the forum
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