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newbie here

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hello all.. I currently own a 2010 F150 s/c ,5.4, 6 1/2 ft box, 3.55 limited slip, trailer tow pkg, and towing a 5th wheel travel trailer (dry weight 7,700lbs...the truck is rated for 9,800 lbs towing us down to florida from Michigan last January and we will be headed back in 2 weeks..I am thinking about possibly getting a 2012 F150 xl,crew cab 6 1/2 box, 3.5 ecoboost,heavyduty payload pkg,max towing pkg,work pkg, and the pkg that would have chrome bumpers and cloth question is ..any body out there thats towing a 5th wheel with a new 2012 ecoboost ??
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Welcome from So. Illinois!

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