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Newbie with 2011 FX4, 5.0L, 6.5" box

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Had planned on buying Raptor as a "fun" toy truck, but was advised against it by a good friend who is a top Ford truck salesman who knew what I really needed - a good off road truck with 6.5' bed.

Bought Oxford White FX4 Screw, 5.0L, 6.5" bed, with lux package & Nav. The only other options was the side steps. Love the truck, handles like factory with the 2.5" lift. Now have 6000 miles, 75% highway driving with > 50% at 75-80 MPH with average 17.9 MPG & best MPG 19.8 MPG over 325 miles flat to mountainous driving @ altitude ~ 1000-3000 ft.

Add ons:
AMP Power Step $895 (
Power step can be installed by any home mechanic with usual tools, but the wiring instructions & pictures are at a minimum, confusing, email me if you are having problems figuring out the wiring. Most shops will install for < $350.

AMP Bed Step $159 (
Easy DIY for $0 (15-20 minutes)

Auto Spring 2.5" front & 3" rear leveling kit $185 (
If you aren't an experienced mechanic, leave the install to a good mechanic for ~$250 (3-4 hrs)& get alignment ~$100

BakFlip F1 & BakBox $1195. (
Installation is a easy DIY, but the rail clamps don't give a lasting fit. Use the rail clamps to fit rails, use self tapping metal screws fix BakFlip rail to bed side rail & throw away the crapo rail clamps. Costs ~$10 & takes ~ 1 hr.

WeatherTech front & rear mats $99

Tradesman 60" wheel well boxes ~ $259 each(Northern Tool)
Install can be tricky, no install instructions but definitely a DIY
If you want to maintain 48" width to bed, then install only 1 box. If you want both R & L boxes, the width between is only 47". I spent ~ $150 to reshape outer square edge of box to get box to fit flush with the curve at bottom of bed. Then box lid wouldn't completely open due to tailgate post. Had to replace hinge at bottom with a 2nd latch, that allows the lid to be removed instead of hinge opening, but these are nice boxes to have weather & dust proof storage for tools, guns & rods

Bedslide 1000 $1129 (Pickup Specialties)
Easy DIY install & $0 installation
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Sounds like a sweet ride! Post up some pics for us!
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