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What kind of oil are you guys using? Just got a 2012 Platinum 3.5 Eco boost. Also, what mods are available? Thanks.
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Here lately with four cars/trucks on the road I'm choosing the less expensive stuff since it all has to meet the same specs! That said, this weeks special at Advance Auto is a 5 qt. jug of Motorcraft synthetic blend with a filter for $23 before my military discount.
I use Pennzoil Ultra 5W-30 in mine. There is no oil on the market that keeps engine internals as clean as this stuff and that is important for turbo engines which run dirtier than naturally aspirated engines. This stuff is factory fill on Ferrari's! I also run the 5W-40 Euro version in my tuned 335i

I am afraid to use pennzoil. Used it on two of my vehicles in the past and the oil pump went out on both. I was told by a mechanic that the oil burns faster and causes the oil pump screen to clog. This was about 20 years aga. Maybe something has changed.
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