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Has it really been over two years?!?

2019 and 2020 were not the best of years for the Mac Family! In 2019 the company I worked for decided to stop promoting people based on merits, but were really quick to demote you or cut your pay (so senior management could get their year end bonus) so I went on the hunt for a new job outside of GA and back in FL where we started out.

In 2020, I did get a new job in St Petersburg (yay!), but then my beloved '98 F150 was involved in a crash that the insurance company said was too expensive to repair. This was the beginning of what would be a four month search for the 'right' truck for me. My list was short, but demanding and I had to walk away from a lot of decent trucks as they were the wrong wheelbase, or, not enough seating, wrong engine, etc. Then comes the chip shortage and new vehicles are slow coming out and the used market jumps like a dancing chicken on a hot plate! Trust me, this didn't help me at all! Prices went through the roof and it seemed like every truck I found that fit the bill was already spoken for! Then, I got smart!

Yes, I paid a guy at a dealership to keep an eye out for a trade in that matched my needs. Hmmm, truck matchmaker...novel idea! That said, it worked!

I got the call that a 2013 F-150 XLT Supercab, 5L, 6.4' box and 4WD was traded in. I was hoping for white since it doesn't show ******* pinstriping as bas as the rest of the colors, but then he showed me a picture! Love at first site, it was!

I called to dealership to set an appointment and was asked how I knew about the truck since it was only just released from the inspection process. I explained my expert sixth sense and let them lady know I would be about 1.5 hours before I got there and then she let me know that no-one had yet seen it, so the keys were pulled for me and, oh, by the way, we'll give you $50 since you're driving so far! Deal!

I hightailed it South to Sarasota and spoke with a sales manager and asked about the truck and he said, "ho did you hear about this one?" I paid a guy, now got get it!

We test drove it and, oh...I probably can't say what I wanted to say, but, I loved it! The 5.0L has a nice deep tone thanks to the aftermarket muffler and there was a brief hissing. Hmmm. Later I found out it had air bags in the rear and the front was leveled by a 2" lift. Finally, the extra no-one else figured out, the previous owner added a Ford remote start!

These days it seems more like dealers are just retail stores with the way things are going with limited stock and a rush to buy. The other dealerships I tried to deal with would not budge on anything, but I managed to talk the sales manager out of the dealer prep fee as a 'cost of doing business' fee and he agreed saving me almost $1k.

That said, here she is with a two year, bumper-to-bumper warranty to boot!

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