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OverDrive Issue

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{2006 F-150 XLT, 5.4 Triton}

I have had my truck for several months now and have had no issues with it. I bought it used with 104,000 miles on it. Back in November 2012 i hit a deer with the front right corner of the truck, just below the headlight. Did minor damage to the fender and bumper. Everything was fine with the truck driving wise, then on December 3rd I dropped the truck off to get fixed at "Quality Care Ford Dealer" in Williamsport, PA. They fixed the damage and I was back in possession of the truck on December 10th. Truck drove fine all the way home (30+ miles). The next morning I started driving to work. Down the road the tach went from 2 to 6 in a split second, revving up the engine. I immediately removed my foot from the gas pedal and pulled over to the shoulder to stop. I slowly started accelerating again and after it automatically shifted again the engine revved.

I had a mechanic friend over and we were talking about what it might be and what we found out is that it appears to happen when going into OverDrive. If i turn off the overdrive and drive the vehicle I have no issues.

Does anyone have any ideas of where to start to diagnose this? Could it be a faulty OD sensor (if there is one)?

Any ideas would be most helpful.
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Your truck does have a couple of speed sensors located around the rear of the transmission called the output shaft speed sensor and the turbine shaft speed sensor. It is possible that the deer hit may have loosened wiring or the sensor itself (my guess is the turbine shaft sensor) might be bad.

Check to see if there are any codes given by the OBD II system.

A friend has a code reader and we hooked it up and no code was given...
Hey guys, i am reading this post because my truck is just started this same thing. my question is did you fix it? what did you find?
FYI it is a 2005 f150 5.4 automatic, no codes
Valve body issues? Seems to me like that would be the case. I couldn't see the ecu revving the engine unless the transmission isn't putting the output to the wheels while the motor is trying to get the truck to speed.
I've got an 08 doing the same thing. Has anyone found the problem?
I have the same problem as the first poster here. Turning off the OD does seem to resolve the problem. I also seem to have a "studdering" during the initial take off from a dead stop with the OD engaged versus none when not, shifting smoothly through the gears. I have 120K on the truck now and no codes showing up.
I had the same thing with my wives truck. I have done extensive searching and everything has come back to an od servo retaining clip being broken. I took my wife's apart found the broken clip replaced it and picked the broken piece out of the valve body. That has fixed everyone else's issue but mine. Maybe it will work for you.
I had a problem of stuttering when shifting between 3rd and OD, when it was at the in between speed where the trans was either up or down shifting. If I turned off the OD, no problem. My trans guy changed the fluid but no help. Talked to my engine mechanic and he said that by turning off the OD stopped the problem, it was most likely the trans. He also hooked up a scanner and it did not show any problems. My trans guy didn't think it was the trans so he hooked up a scanner and went for a test run. The scanner showed the engine misses that didn't show at idle. Had the plugs changes and now no problem.
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