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Overhead Console Readings

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I'm not sure if this should fall under Body and interior, or electrical.... My overhead console appears to be reading the compass direction OK but the temperature seems to read really high. When I know the temperature outside has been 37 f or less the last few mornings, I get in the truck and it's reading 54 f I just know it's not that warm outside. Hey maybe that's the temperature of the place I'm meant to be... lol Any help ?? I recently had the windshield changed. I'm not sure where the sensor is for the temp reading. Is it in or around the windshield ??
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The thermometer sensor (15A022) is attached to the radiator frame behind the grille. The temperature can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit by pressing the MODE switch. If the outside temperature falls below 3.3°C (38°F), the display will alternate from "ICE" to the outside temperature at a two second rate for one minute.

The outside air temperature reading can be affected by engine heat when the vehicle is idling or has been off for less than two hours. The compass and thermometer (19A548) will limit the increase of the displayed temperature to one degree per minute at very low speeds or immediately after the ignition is turned on. After two minutes at a sustained speed of at least 53 km/h (33 mph), effects of engine heat are minimal and the compass will display the current outside temperature reading. Temperature decreases are always updated immediately.

If the outside air temperature sensor is short or open circuited, then the display will show 60°C (140°F) or -40°C (-40°F) respectively in place of temperature.
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Thanks Mac, This is very valuable information.....
Hey Mr Mac I've been looking on Ebay for a replacement sensor. How do I tell which one I need. There are so many different prefixes AX AE and they all say they will fit my truck... I'm perplexed..... My local dealership has one but it's $60.....
Go to Rock Auto and search for ambient air temperature sensor with your year truck and engine. You'll find one there (ACDELCO Part # 213756) for $24.

All Is Well Now

I changed the Ambient Temerature Sensor, (Ford Part 12A647) and the reading on the overhead console is bang on now...... Success !!! Local Ford Dealer $60. Ebay $12 (Brand New Also). Duh !!!!! Thanks to Mr Mac for steering me in the right direction......
You're quite welcome!

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