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painted running boards poor choice

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I'm a newbie on this board and I love my truck but the painted running boards just don't work. If Ford is going to put out trucks with painted running boards they need something different than standard paint . I tried the warranty route but no success. I am going to get a friend in the body shop business to repaint it for me but whats the point??????
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I would have thought they'd be powder coated which is much more durable than paint. Even so, powder coating can chip and flake. Have you asked the dealer about an exchange for an aluminum set or something like that?

painted running boards

this isn't the first half ton Ford has built. Surely I'm not the only one having this problem. I thought if the warranty wouldn't cover it the dealer might step up but no help. I guess I will see if my buddy who owns a body shop can do something with it. Its disappointing with the tens of thousands of trucks they build that they won't cover an obvious defect that they have built in.
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