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Please help!!!!!!!!

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(94 F-150 4.9 I6) So, my prob is this, I've changed out my clutch master,slave,and hose.[That was a blast] All are new parts. Still have no pedal. Tryed several bleeding techniques, none seem to give me what i need.
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First, welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear about the troubles you're having. A few questions, when you say you have no pedal, is it safe for me to assume that the clutch is not disengaging/engaging like it should? Is there any movement of the slave cylinder pushing in on the fingers? Do you see any fluid leaking anywhere?
clutch will not disengage, it will go into all gears smoothly when not running.No fluid leaking tho. not shure what you mean by movement of s/c pushing on fingers, but when I open or close the bleeder there is some very slight movement. I appreciate any and all help Im no type-o-mechanic, Im a body man I make 'em look good, not run good!
What I should have said was the slave cylinder pushing on the throwout bearing. Inside the transmission there is a secondary cylinder working off the master known as the slave. The master actuates the slave (mounted inside the bell housing) which in turn pushes the throwout bearing disengaging the clutch.

From what you describe I'm suspecting the slave cylinder to be at fault though a competent transmission shop should be consulted to confirm or perhaps offer additional suggestions.

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