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Power Sliding Rear Window

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The powered rear sliding window on my 2004 150 Super Crew cab stopped working, suddenly: one day it worked fine; nexte day it wouldn't budge. I checked the fuses and relays; all seemed fine. After reading the post by Hogg22 in this section of the forum, I'm wondering if it might be due to corroded wiring, as in hogg's case. Any thoughts on the matter?
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Checking the wiring is as good a place as any to start! While you're there, here is the schematic if you need to check for power at the motor.


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Mr. Mac, I take it from your avater you are, or have been, in the Air Force. Thank you for your service! And thanks for your rapid response and the schematic.
Thanks, and, yes, I retired from the USAF back in 1995 and my oldest daughter is serving in the USAF Reserves!
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