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Problem,Is this site for real,I can't post nothing no wheres...

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First time here and kinda new to mechanic work. Where do I post my questions on here?Can I do it here,if so,here goes... I have a 1997 Ford F150 Ext.Cab 4.6L V8. I just bought the truck that was not shifting right when driving and wouldn't reverse. So I changed the transmission,got it back on,tried to turn engine to put back on nuts from TC to Flywheel and now the flywheel won't spin. I guess the torque convertor is not all the way seated on properly. The transmission went on smooth,no troubles getting it on. I see now that the TC bolts are even with the end of trans. Is it possible that i messed up something? Can I just back it up a little and seat it on all the way and put it back on? That was the # 1 thing I had on my mind when I put it on was to make sure TC was all the way on properly and I forgot,it was just one more spin to be on right. What should I do. I didn't spin the engine much because I noticed right away the Flywheel was not turning to put nuts back on. Can someone help me? Please... Thanks
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I was trying to figure out what might be the issue but without more information I can't really figure out what to tell you. That said, I need to get the basic info first.

The new transmission, where did it come from and are you 100% sure it is made to fit your truck and engine setup? Your truck should have the 4R70W.

Without seeing your installation the best solution I can offer is to pull the transmission back out and make sure everything is spinning right and then put it back in and go slow checking everything as you go.
Yes,I have the exact transmission for the engine. It's identical to the old one.(4R70W) I backed it out again and I made sure it spins before I put it back in. I got the TC seated on properly now(about a half inch from the edge) It slipped in even better this time. Now when I spin the engine to put the TC to Flywheel nuts on. It spins a lil then it stops. I loosen the bolts from trans to engine and it spinned a lil bit more than it stops again. It still is a half inch away from the end of trans. The TC is still seated properly in the trans. Nothing is rubbing in there but won't spin anymore. I have the trans in neutral also...
It really sounds like you have a clearance issue with the TC bolts. If the transmission was originally from the same model vehicle with the same engine then it should fit fine. The 4R70W was used in a lot of cars and trucks with different configurations. Can you measure the new transmission and compare it to the old?
Ok,I got it all back in place. Truck running again,still does the same thing when I bought it. It shifts in reverse,you can feel it shift hard but won't reverse.It's like it wants to go but it don't move. I have the right amount of transmission fluid.It still won't reverse. Can this have something to do with the gears in the rear axle. I'll go check see if drive shaft is spinning and in what gears.
At this point I would drop the drive shaft and check everything from the U-joints to the rear end itself. Jack the truck up and, with the drive shaft disconnected from the transmission, turn everything in both directions. That should tell you if things are at least turning like they should. While you're there, go ahead open up your differential and check things out. Look for chunks of metal or other damage and then go ahead and change out your gear oil (don't forget a new gasket).

One other thing...this isn't a 4WD F-150, is it?
Ok,I'll try it out and I'll get back with you... It's a 2WD... Thanks for your help!!!
Ok,I didn't take off drive shaft yet. I did jack up the rear end to where both tires are off the ground. I cranked it up and put it in gear. When I put it in reverse,the tires spin in reverse. When i put it in forward,the tires spin forward. When it's on the ground it has good power on forward. When it's on the ground and put it in reverse,you can feel it shift but now it seems the truck is too heavy for the reverse gears. It spins fast when it's off the ground both ways... Can it be the gears striped out in the rear axle in the differential? I've changed out the transmission already...
Since the only thing left that hasn't been changed is the rear end and it would seem that your drive shaft and U-joints are okay, then it will have to be in the differential. Crack it open and see what falls out!
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