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Hello everyone. First time post so please bear with me. I purchased a 2010 FX4 with the Sony system in it. This truck has been in the dealer 4 (soon to be 5) times because after you shut off the truck (doesn't matter if you shut the system off or not) and restart the truck, the radio won't play. It comes on alright (I use the EQ as a monitor), but no music. Ford has said that I need to shut off the radio and turn it back on to reset it (or unhook the battery cables-right) when this happens. They have also said (and replaced) the front speakers, that this was a problem. They have also replaced the unit inside the dash (of course I no longer have air conditioning on the drivers side-not their fault-repair to me almost $1000) 3 times. This has all happened since I purchased the truck a year ago. Any and all thoughts on the radio and air conditioning problem would be helpful. I paid $29,400 for this truck and I am getting very irate with 2 different dealers.

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