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pulled the trigger

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Wooohoo,well drove the f150 today and even though has 182255 miles on it I bought it anyway,engine looked clean,like taken care of not cleaned up by someone u know,u can tell...OMG drove great,handled great,plenty on leg room and no slouch on power with that 5.4 V8 Triton WOW,this chevy guy was impressed and talked him down to 2550$ price was pretty good I think...hope to post some pics n a day or 2...:)
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Congrats Rick! Looking forward to seeing the pictures!

looking fwd. to getting it,its having the rear diff. cover replaced and new seal, then inspection...gonna look on here to see if I can run bigger tires on it without's got 265/70.r16's and got a friend who has think same and runs 265/70/r17's..his is offroad pkg xlt and so is this one so think it should
WWoohooo scored a set of chrome roll bars,75 bucks,gotta love craigslist,lol
You know, Rick, I'm starting to think this was a ghost truck based on the pictures you've posted! ;)

Seriously though, good score!
welcome to the forum
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