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Quick transfer from RAMforumz to F150forumz!

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Hello everybody!

Well, I never though I would be back in a F150 after being away from one for 19 years AND after being so sure I was buying a RAM this month, that I joined "" before I had a chance to take a F150 for a test drive. Oops!

I was quite set on a RAM 1500 Sport or Laramie 4x4 and took one for a test drive last week. I like the RAM quite a bit and even had a 2003 RAM SLT Sport for about 2 years before commuting 150 kilometres every day made me trade it for a Honda Civic. I had no problems with my RAM and was almost 100% sure there would be another one in my driveway by the end of the month.

But, my Dad always said to explore all of your options before you settle or decide on what you want. And, yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of my Dad's death. So with his words of wisdom in my head and the fact that I needed something to take my mind off things, I grabbed my son and we went to Fraser Ford in Whitby, Ontario and took a 2012 F150 FX4 for a test drive. Yesterday was also the first day of Ford Canada's "Employee Pricing Event" and the savings were absolutely huge.

RAM Canada are offering $9,750 off the 1500's, and because I liked my 2003 RAM so much, I just figured that I would end up with one. Up until yesterday, Ford were offering $8,000.00 off their trucks, but they also tend to be about $3 to $5K more than an equivalent RAM. But, with the Employee Pricing Discount PLUS a further "Delivery Allowance", the savings were substantially more than RAM.

I had researched the Ford trucks and was impressed by the features of the FX4 - so that's what we drove last night. I was VERY impressed!!! After the drive, I sat down with the sales person and she explained the discounts available, and on the FX4, with the features I want, I would (did) save over $14,000.00 off the price of the truck. AND to sweeten things even more, I could still factory order the exact truck, with the exact options that I want!

It took me about 30 seconds to say "It's a deal!" and they placed my order immediately. I was so pleased because I can get the exact options, colour, bed length, cab size, etc. that I couldn't get with the RAM. RAM orders closed on May 24, so I would have to get a dealership to do a "search" to see if they could find a truck that was the closest to what I wanted and maybe the colour I wanted, maybe the bed length BUT I might also get stuck with options that I don't want (like chrome package - I hate chrome!). Also, RAM don't offer a Crew Cab and a 6.5' box length, only a 5.5' bed. Not that big of a deal, but I really wanted a big cab and the longer box.

Anyway, I am very pleased with what I have researched/read about the F150 and I certainly didn't "settle" for the Ford over the RAM. I have to admit that they both have their various pros and cons, but you just can't beat the fact that the F150 has had so many years of being number one - and there is a definite reason for it. Plus I got a $60,000.00 truck for $46,500.00 - that's a 25% savings!!!!

So, sorry my intro to the Forum was so long-winded. I am just excited that I got a truck with everything that I want and nothing more. I'll add photos when I get it.

All the best,

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Congrats on what I'm sure will be the best truck you have ever owned!

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