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rear differential clutches

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Had a very worrisome rubbing noise or chatter in my 2001 F-150 4X4 Off Road that occurred only when making a low speed turn. After much trouble shooting, the problem was in the rear differential clutches. Replaced the clutches and associated hardware. Cured the problem so if any of you have this same type noise in your truck that occurs only when turning at low speeds, then check out those differential clutches.
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Thanks for the update!

I have an 04 f150 STX 4X2 seems the Differential is Locked Up!! I just put a tranny in 2 Months ago......has 99500 on it. never towed or hauled anything Heavy and im Mad as Hell! I paid BIG$ for this thing NEW! I am so DONE with Fords!! It was Always serviced on time , just can not Believe this truck!
I'm hearing the same noise from my 2003 f 150. thanks for the info.
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