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Remote Starter

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I had the remote starter installed by the Ford dealership when I purchased my 2010 F150. When I start the engine with the remote and go to open the door to get in, the engine stops. Ford says this is a security feature but I don't believe that. Just last week I had the loan of a 2010 F150 and it didn't happen with it, I opened the door after starting with the remote and the engine continued to run. I don't think my remote starter was installed correctly or was faulty. Can anyone enlighten me?
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Hard to say, but I do think that the anti-theft system would shut down the truck once the door is open because the coded key isn't in the ignition switch. To be honest, that's the way I'd want it to work to prevent someone from stealing my truck while it's warming up.
Found the answer

Thank you for your response. After some more searching I found the answer here (4th message down):

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