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Restricting inter-cooler?

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Any thoughts out there to the after market bug screens (2) that protect the radiator & inter-cooler? What about a billet grille piece that fits in the bumper opening? Is that too much air restriction??
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i don't see how a screen or grill would do to much but i have heard that some have had issues after installing some of those things
Radiator and intercooler protection

I seriously doubt that any large object that passes the grill will do anything other than impact what is behind. After saying that I went to the box store and bought some Alum lath material. Sharp as hell when cut.
I fashioned a insert for my intercooler and then painted it flat black. Did the same for the radiator. Almost invisible unless you get real close.

When I was sliding back and forth from Tucson to Silver City, there were areas of lots of insects. These grill covers help and do cut down on the bugs getting lodged into the fins.

I looked and looked at aftermarket stuff when the truck was new, 2011. Never found anything that i wanted to pay for. Maybe something is out there now.

There was one company that sold a screen wire solution. I thought I was to expensive. We used to get screen wire covers every year from Farm Service usually for free.
That was 40 years ago and I am pretty sure our farm was one of the bigger accounts they had at the time.
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