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Roof indentations.

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Ford, whats the deal?

I just traded in my 2006 Z71 for a 2012 XLT 4 X 4 5.0 Crew Cab.

I didn't notice such a trivial detail until I washed my new truck.
The Ford is taller than I am used to, and since it was brand new, and it wasn't that dirty, so I didn't bother to drag out the step stool to wash the roof. But...
I washed the truck, cleaned the windows and then when I pulled out of the driveway..about a gallon of water ran down my nice clean truck. It was then that I noticed the roof has some indentations in it to improve stiffness that hold what seems like a gallon of water.
My simple little brain thinks Ford should have made these protrusions instead of indentations.
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Traded my 2012 XLT for a 2013 FX4 Crew today.......guess what?
The roof stiffeners now protrude and do not hold water. hmm
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