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Running Board Swap

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Hello everyone. I am new to this forum and glad to be a part of such a solid group. I have a question about my 2006 F150 4 door supercrew I recently bought used. The question I have is are the stock running boards reversable. What i mean is could I put the passenger side runner on the driver side? My wife ran over a huge rock at Costco and it fatally bent the running board on the driver's side. I purchased a new (different style) pair of after-market running boards and installed with no issues.. I am now left with one good running board from the passenger side of the truck. If I were to try to sell this thing could I say it is a universal (driver or passenger side) fit for the same model truck or do they only fit on one side? Thank you for your time
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Welcome aboard!

Right off they look identical but to be sure I would think taking a quick measurement to verify that the mounts are equal and then check to see if the mounting holes are identical on both ends.

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