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Saying HELLO

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I am new to THIS forum and just wanted to say hello and let you know what I am doing. I currently drive an 85 CJ-7, take it easy on me for that point, but just purchased an 82 bronco w/ the 300 I6, 4 sped manual tranny, NP205 T-case, 9" rear w/ 3.73, and dana 44 front. going to put all of that under the CJ and start enjoying life in the hills. TIRED of the 4.2/258 and all the running gear under the jeep right now thats why I am converting it to FORD!!!!!
Have a great one folks and will more than likely be back on here quite often getting my memory refreshed on my ford info.

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Welcome aboard, Allen! Don't worry about the CJ, we have an '06 TJ in our drive next to the F-150! ;)

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