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Does anyone know where I can get a seat cover for my 1989 f150 xlt lariat king cab? It has a 50/50 split bench seat, the kind that folds down on both the drivers and passangers side so you can enter the back ( entended cab portion) of the truck.
I have a nice seat and same color (red) out of my 1990 f150 but it's just the regular bench seat that folds down the entire back portion, I could use it but I'd like to keep the original bench seat that's in it now. I also have a nice bench seat with head rest (blue) that's out of a 1995 f150 that I could use also and get a cover for it so the blue doesn't show, it's a nice seat and I like it the best because of the headrest.
So what would you do? use the bench seat out of my 1990 that's just a regular bench seat and same color, use the bench seat out of the 95 f150 that's blue and has head rest or find a seat cover (if I can) for the 50/50 split bench seat that's now in my truck?
Also Im assuming that the seats out of the 90 and 95 will fit in my 89???? Thank's for any advice, I bought this 89 xlt lariat king cab 4x4 with a 300 six and 5spd OD a few months ago, it was from Akansas, solid as the day it was made, I've put a few thousand in it already from tranny, clutch, all u-joints, front calipers, wheel bearings, rotors, fornt and rear brakes, (complete) all brake lines, all differential fluids and new transfer case, new tires, shocks, ect ect...... The interior is Immaculate ececpt for the worn/torn seat, I need it looking good.
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