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Show Me State

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I guess I'm the first to check in! How many other MO owners out there and where are you?

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Now there are two!
Think of it this way, our numbers just doubled.
Although I'm really not an owner yet. Six to eight weeks on the build (no build date yet). Can't wait.
You didn't hear?!? UAW (United Auto Workers Union just walked off the line for better pay/benefits! They expect it to last for at least three to four months! :p J/K!

From what I hear that Ecoboost engine is a decent one! Congrats and don't forget to show her off when you get it!
Show me state

Three now. I'm in BFE, in the Ozarks. Closest town to me is Reeds. A very cosmopolitan burg, Population 110. Hey it ain't the big city, but we don't have the gangs. They don't like it when it's them getting shoot at. :D

Old one more puff here.. Nevada, Mo. Where the prairie meets the ozarks. Just bought a brand new 1998 F150 4.6 Flairside with only 224,000 miles on it.. ha Now getting it back in to decent running order.. Has a severe miss.. Mechanic thinks a vacuume leak.. Will find out Thrusday when I have the Dr. appointment..
So...what was the verdict on your miss?
Welcome to the forum!

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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