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Someone has to know

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:confused:Hello fellow gear head,
I need to have a question answered. I have a 98 F 1504x4 4.2L and i am looking to do a motor swap. The new motor is a 4.2L also but out of a 01 F 150. Everything appears to be the same except for the intake runner control box on the 98 it appears to have a vacuum powered adjuster where the 01 has a electronic box to move the runners. So if you can tell me this. Can I just plug in the new motor or do I have to change the adjuster and the motor wiring harness???
any help would mean allot.
Things tried so far
Pulled 2 motors
saw a deference
scratched head
got on computer
asked question
sat and had a beer.
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See answer here.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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