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stereo antenna issue

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I have a 1988 f150 and the stereo that was in it would not pick up FM stations. I installed a pioneer cd player in its place and tested the radio out and I can not pick up Fm stations still. I had a marine stereo antenna handy and pluged it into the stereo and still no radio stations. does anyone have any sugestions. ive been through 2 stereos and two different antennas.Fyi the cd player works fine.
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Was the new unit able to pick up FM stations before it was moved to the truck? This one is kinda interesting and may take some thought.
yes the unit worked proir to installing. i had this unit in my 86 f150 and my 97 dodge ram. this one has me baffled also. Im a technician also and I have never seen this before.
Does AM work? Make sure the radio chassis is grounded, and it isn't relying on the antenna coax shield for ground. Second, measure 12V to GND going into the units.
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