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Supercrew Rear seat head restraints

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Can the rear head restraints be removed or folded? The book is not clear and it does not appear that they can be. Perhaps I am missing something.


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Yes, they can be removed, take a close look at the base where the rod goes in, each headrest has 2 rods, on each headrest the closest 1 to the passenger side,there is a button to push in on the inside of the plastic piece. But you will also need to fold the seat back forward to get the headrest out. To fold the seat forward, you need to lift the lower part up, about half way, so you can get your hand behind the upper part of the seat to get to the seat release, then fold forward, pull out headrest.
Thanks for the reply. Lifting that back up, there are loops in the rear. Do I pull on the loops to lift that back portion to gain the access you described?
side not if you fold up the bottom of the seat it will give you just a bit more room for the removal
Okay I figured it out. Helps trying to do this in the daylight hours. On each headrest there is two buttons. You push the button on the left side of the headrest first then the button on the right side of the headrest. You lift and the headrest comes right out. Thanks to all for your input. I cannot believe I missed that left side button as I thought or it appeared to be non functional.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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