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The things we do for love...

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As you may recall, I got my truck back a week ago last Friday while my wife was down in Florida taking care of a sick relative. When she got back she told me that she had hurt her ankle from walking on the beach...yes, I know... Anyways, I offered to let her drive my F-150 for last week since her Wrangler is a standard and she agreed.

That was last week. This past weekend she tells me that she doesn't want to hurt her ankle any further and says she'd be happy to drive my truck another week. Today when I spoke to her she said that since I liked her Wrangler so much that I could just keep driving it and she'd go one driving my truck! Wait a minute! Who ever said I liked your Jeep over my truck?!? Rotten woman!

So, here I am, driving a Jeep and she's driving my F-150! Well, it is Valentine's Day!
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Okay...been a while since I've regularly sat in my own truck, but, this weekend it all goes back to normal! She gets her Wrangler back and I get my F-150 back! It's almost as exciting as getting a new truck!
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