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tire noise

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have F 150 4 WD can hear squeaking sound in left front tire area, at slow speeds, like under 15 mph, seems to go away at higher speeds. noise is present about 90 % of time, squealing, like metal to metal, or rubber to metal, increases with each tire rotation. faster rotatation, faster sound each time tire rotates. sometimes the noise is continuous. have had brakes checked, and whole front end, all is ok. it has the off road pkg, tires are 265/75/R15., and have about half the tread left on them. origional tires, truck has about 27K miles. there is some light dry rot in the surface of tread.
is the tire coming apart inside?

was garage kept most all of its life, and runs and looks new , other than this noise. 4WD seems to work fine,
noise is present whether or not the brakes are applied, or steering wheel is turned. sometimes it is alot louder than other times.
thanks for your help.
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I think the best thing to do to determine if it's the wheel rubbing or something else is to jack it up and support it on a jack stand and rotate the wheel to see if you can narrow it down. Even though the brakes have been checked it could well still be a glazed rotor and some sand paper/emery cloth will take care of that easy enough.
thank you, will try that. buried in snow today, in a day or so. was worried that it was something unsafe to drive.
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